Question Orange blinking led on b550 motherboard ?

Sep 13, 2021
Hello guys,
My pc doesn't want to boot and just give me a blinking orange led next to the dram, i tried to do many methods to solve this problem but it doesnt boot at all,
Tried switching rams and using a single slot ram, still give me an orange blinking led, without rams installed it starts the beeping.
Tried removing the CPU and reseating and cleaning it but still it doesn't boot,
Tried removing and reinserting the GPU it doesn't interact at all with or without it installed,
Tried using a new bios update through the bios flashback but, the newest bios doesnt work tried the older bios still doesnt work, tried the older one and it worked correctly but still the pc wont boot and still giving the orange blinking led,
Tried using different power supply still the same,
Tried removing the CMOS battery and resetting it and still doesn't work!
I'm super confused any help please
my pc specs
Asus tuf b550 gaming plus wifi mobo
ryzen 3 3100
Hyperx 3600 mhz ram 2x8
Rx 580 power color gpu
the pc was working before it happens and just crashed while playing nfs heat.
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