Question Ordered parts but not sure if compatible

Jul 7, 2021
Looks compatible to me. Maybe go for a little less sketchy cpu cooler. Maybe a Hyper 212 or something instead? Also not really sure of about the ram
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I was going to write "why not get the 11400 instead?" and it looks like its price has skyrocketed nearly $100 since I bought mine. Yikes.

For the most part, just about anything that fits in a connector/socket works. PCPartsPicker itself does a generally good job of catching obvious mistakes and likely issues such as pairing a CPU with technically compatible motherboards that may lack out-of-box support. For more touchy issues such as RAM compatibility at maximum rated speed, there is no exact science for that with AMD CPUs whereas most Intel CPUs will accept almost any working RAM on almost any motherboard, so it shouldn't be much of a concern.
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Nov 23, 2011
I didnt really have the cash to upgrade atm, and was told to cheap out on these parts as i could upgrade in the future.
The Gammax 400 has been extensively tested and compared to the CM 212EVO, it will give you almost the exact same performance, especially for low wattage parts, you won't need more than a budget tower cooler.
I would spend a little more on RAM, so you're not wasting $50. And Always check the listed dimensions of your case, GPU, and CPU cooler to just make sure there is no size limitations exceeded.

As it stands you either have to change your motherboard or switch to an 11th gen Intel as you will not be able to use the WD M.2 on your parts list (I thought that micro ATX only had one slot, but it has two, so you will be reduced to one M.2). I'm sure with some effort you can find a better suited motherboard for the same price. It would be to your great advantage to spend just a bit more here as well.
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