Origin Chronos question

Khaled Fathi

Sep 19, 2014
hello i have been using my macbook pro since 2011 now i want to buy or build a gaming pc that can run new and upcoming games at max sittings after doing some researches on google i found Origin Chronos i have no idea about specs and hardware but i found this
it say the price is $4215 and i found this too
it say the price is starting from $1,229 up to $1,799
can you please tell me if its a huge discount or whats happening.. and please help me to choose a good pc thanks.
The price you're seeing from OriginPC is the base price before changes to the system. The super high end system Tom's looked at had pretty much every option maxed for the Chronos at that time (there are different options available now but the price climbs as you choose them).
Keeping somewhat conservative choices; Core i7-4790k, Ram to 16GB, GPU to NVidia GTX 980, 128GB SSD, and two HDD's I kept under $2500 while a similar system, sourced and built by one's self would run about $1800. Had I been less conservative, I could probably hit the $4000 mark similar to the configuration Tom's looked at but, some things, like the chassis they used (Bitfenix Phenom M) don't seem to be available for the Chronos anymore so it gets a little tricky