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Build Advice Original Xbox build - Advice

Apr 12, 2021
Hi All!
Long-time Tom's Hardware fan / first-time forum poster! I've been a PC enthusiast for a while since I decided to build my first i5-6600k build a few years ago; with an rx 570 8gb (cost £120 at the time - look at them now $$$).

I'm in the fortunate position to have my hands on some high-end PC hardware, and have decided that I really want to mod an Original Xbox case with a PC inside. I started by thinking of 3d printing a case for an emulation machine for under the TV.. then decided if I'm going to the hassle then I may aswell go flat-out...
The list of components is below, so just wanted to see what people think might work best within the constraints of the case in question. I've already bought 2 OG Xbox shells (one black and one clear crystal :p), so am pretty much ready to go. To note here - I would like to keep it as stealth/original as possible (bar modding USB sockets into the controller bay).
It's a little bit chicken and egg to work out how things will fit when I'm not sure on best options, so advice would be great!

PC Component options:
Motherboard / CPU

-Asus ROG Strix B460-I (Mini ITX LGA 1200 board)
with either a 10900k or a 10700k

-Auros B450 I Pro WiFi (Also Mini-ITX)
with a Ryzen 5800X

GPU (+riser cable which is likely to be needed)
-Nvidia RTX 3070 Zotac twin

-AMD RX 6700XT (XFX Speedster Merc319)
this is, however, HUGE! - but the option is to have it poking out of the case in some way.
I'd prefer this option with the Ryzen but again - size? or do I use this in a separate 3D printed build?

-AIO 240x120 cooler (both fitments)
-AIO 120x120 cooler (both fitments)
-Stock Ryzen cooler (Ryzen option only)

RAM + Storage
TBC m.2 storage and atleast 2x 8GB 3000MHz RAM

Power supply

This is the biggest question mark for me...
I have plenty of standard ATX size PSU's around (600w / 700w / 850w and beyond) but I don't think it's going to work size-wise.
I'm not sure if an SFX PSU will be the best fitment (and price is very high).
I have looked at the 1U server PSUs (Circa 600/650w) that will be flat enough to allow components around, but not sure on powering the above components with something like this. I have a couple on the way to test fit but reliability is the question.
Any other options?..

It would be great if anyone fancies lending some thoughts to this. I've looked at lots of similar builds and they all seem to be low powered components (if even using external GPU), so I haven't been able to get much useful advice...
It's also a balancing act whether I slap the 10900k in if I can't cool it well enough (e.g. fit the cooler properly)...

Now I have my first post up I suppose I may also share some of my ventures into 3D printing a case if there is any interest...

Thanks for the read if you've made it this far, and I look forward to any thoughts you all may have.



If you don't have all the components laying in front of you, I've found it helpful to draw everything in CAD (or any to-scale computer drawing software). The biggest challenge with these sorts of builds is fitment inside the case you're using. "Carving" each component out of styrofoam helps if you're a hands-on type person.

More than likely you'll need an SFX / SFX-L PSU. Try to avoid the 1U / FlexATX PSUs because they have loud tiny fans.

You'll probably need a PCIe riser cable so you can orient the GPU parallel to the mobo.

I was about to do an XBox PC (XBox 1) for a client before COVID hit....jealous.

My profile pic is my proudest creation (link in sig). One thing. Don't cut corners. Even if it takes >>> time and $$, do it right.