Question Orion Power Systems Network Pro RTX 1500VA Not Detected By Windows 11 Pro


Jul 4, 2011
Hey Everyone.

I just purchased a brand new Orion Power Systems Network Pro RTX 1500VA UPS for my new Ryzen build, but I cannot get Windows or any power mgmt sw to recognize the USB connection.

I have tried two different USB cables and USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports and nada. I know the ports are good because anything else I plug into any of them is recognized right away. I also know both of the USB cables are good because my printer is detected with either one.

I've read through the UPS manual and there is nothing for TS and just mentions that you can use a USB connected to a PC to monitor the UPS.

Device manager shows no battery at all and nothing under the HID list either. Scanning for new HW does nothing to detect it.

I've submitted a request on the Orion site, but still waiting for a reply (maybe a faulty port on UPS.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for why the UPS is not being detected or any TS to try beyond what I've already tried? Is there a universal Windows driver that I'm missing for the UPS? Is there anything in GP Edit or WMC that can be adjusted or configured?

I appreciate any and all advice or feedback.


This UPS?

Work through the steps in Section 4/ 4.1 Operation.

Carefully verify LCD Description and other end user configurable options. Mostly Pages 10 - 15.

Print out the pages beforehand and use them as a checklist to mark off each item and record what is being reported. Or what does or does not happen?

Some things I noted in the manual:

Section 3.5, Page 9.

"1. Verify that the internal batteries are connected. If optional EBMs are installed, verify that the EBMs are connected to the UPS. "

I did not note any explicit instructions explaining how to do so. Many UPS's are shipped with disconnected batteries - look in the documentation for some additional instructions. Page 16, Replacing batteries - may help.

EPO Section 5.2, Page 14. Take a very close look at that section. Was there a cable/connector for Step 3?

Where did you get the communications cable referenced at the top of Page 14?

"To establish communication between the UPS and a computer, connect your computer to one of the UPS communication ports using an appropriate communication cable."

Was there a cable with the UPS? You mentioned trying different USB cables but one end may actually be RS-232.

Hopefully the problem is just some error of omission or commission.

Just using the printed pages as a checklist will help you TS and learn more about the UPS itself.

And probably prove helpful when/if you hear back from Orion.


Jul 4, 2011
Thanks for the reply Ralston18.

I suppose I should have been more clear in my previous post.

I have the UPS up and running. I have been through the manual backwards and forwards, but there is nothing about a particular setting to activate or deactivate the USB port/connection.

The UPS came with both the USB cable and the RS232 cable. However, my computer does not have a Network Management Card, so the RS232 cable is kind of useless to me.

As far as the settings on the UPS go, I currently have it set to operate in Normal Mode. The other modes and settings as outline on pages 11, 12, 13 are really of no consequence to my issue with the USB cable connection and why Windows will not detect the connection in any port nor with either USB cable I have tried.

The only two option left at this point is either I am missing something that is not clear or present in the manual or the USB port on the UPS is faulty.