OS not found, Windows 10, failing Drive or SATA Cable?

Mar 21, 2018
So, as the title says I was gaming yesterday and my computer Blue screened, and rebooted and when it rebooted I got the dreaded “OS nkt found try removing any drives that don’t have an operating system installed press ctr+alt+dlt to reboot”

So I did and I got the same error, so I unplugged only my HDD which does NOT have my OS on it and it worked, my computer booted normal and everything loaded out to usual. Then I replugged my HDD back in and then it ended up working again? After all this fuss I just turned off my PC and reorganized my SATA cables, swapped ends, put the peoce going to the drive into the motherboard and motherboard side into drive and it’s been doing well.

I even installed Crystaldiskinfo because now I’m dreading my drives to die even though my OS is installed on my 256GB SAMSUNG Pro SSD, but Crystaldiskinfo says both drives are in good condition? Operation hours are low, boot ups are low, is this a SATA cable problem? My computer is booting fine now. Also, another question, even if OS is NOT installed on one of my drives and windows tries to boot from that disk first can that cause an Error? I’m thinking of investing in two 500GB Samsung Evo 860’s so I have backups incase something fails, any help would be appreciated.

I also said I fixed the issue I did this by repairing the MBR and other boot options via Command Promt from windows OS thumb drive booted in “advanced options” boot setting and it seemed to fix it.

My Rigs specs:

Asus Rog B-350F gaming mobo

Ryzen 7 1800x

16GB DDR4 Trident Z Ram 3000Mhz

EVGA 1080ti

750W Corsair PSU

1TB Toshiba HDD

256GB SAMSUNG 850 Pro

Any help would be appreciated guys even if it’s thoughts on what happened, I’m thinkin it is a Windows 10 update or something along the lines of a faulty SATA cable... but more knowledge and thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


As far as why it happened....we may never know and we can speculate all day...but if you are dreading your drives dying....I would make a clone of that SSD ASAP and even a clone of the HDD if there is valuable data on it.

Drives die...and I think they die more often than people think.

...as far as your other question....if Windows tried to boot of a non-bootable drive it either gives you an error or locks up....I can't recall....but it doesn't hurt anything.

So...in summary....I would back up those drives and just run and see what happens.

At least if something happens....you are backed up.

Mar 21, 2018
I always have had a restore point even before this issue occured, but believe me as soon as I got it working again I backed up as soon as possible. And I mainly game I really don’t have any “important” things on my PC although it would suck to loose progress in games... other than that really nothing irreplaceable... as for this issue would you recommend new drives and cables or just ride it out cause it’s working now?