OS or System Problem

Oct 20, 2018
Recently after updating my BIOS, I am facing some disk related problems... I had FIFA 18 and some other games installed in my PC. After the BIOS Update, when I played the game, the game was unable to save the data...when I Uninstalled it, I tried to install it again. But now , it's showing me an error message ::
"An error occurred when trying to create a file in the destination directory: "
"Error 2: The system can't find the file specified"

What should I do now?? I am facing this during installation of any application.
System Info: Dell Inspiron 15 5559, Windows 10 64 bit
Intel i5 6th gen, 8GB RAM, 4GB AMD Radeon Graphics.

Please help me.

I contacted the Dell service provider and they told me to have a fresh installation of The OS as they think i have a problem with my OS. In that case, they'll charge me up to 50$. So what should I do?? Any kind of help is Much Appreciated.

- Tanbir Alam , Kolkata, India.

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