OS wont install, new HDD?


Sep 24, 2011
Was installing the OS on the old Dell Dimension 4600 and in attempt to format the HDD I deleted the partitions with the current OS. well idk if its the CD-R reader since i've used the dvd-r successfully on other computers or if its the bios/mobo but it wont install. I get an error code 0x80070017 when its copying the files. if you can help with that terrific, but I'm wondering if I need to buy a new HDD. my budget is low I need to find the cheapest fix. what do i need to know I know its IDE but do they have an maybe a sata to ide connector that i can hook up my other cdrom reader to the computer? Also i tried booting from the cd burner on the thing and I get a boot mgr missing or something. Any help is greatly appreciated.