Question Other than the cloud services, what are the advantages of Microsoft Office ?


Apr 20, 2013
I personally don't use cloud services often. Other than uploading to the cloud, what are other advantages of Microsoft Office over free alternatives like Apache OpenOffice ?
The only way I can think of is that your wallet may be easier to carry around, and easier to tell telephone marketers no since you now have less money.

Ok, there is another one (if you choose this argument to counts) - everybody else use it and knows their way around in the menus (in cases where you are in a stuation where you must help a friend navigate through the menus).

Oh yes - when I'm thinking of it, there is another one still (this is from work). Think about the good relief after spending a whole day with helpdesk because MS Office suddenly have decided you run an unauthorised copy of the program. So yes, it have some good moments too.

There is still another thing after thinking of it. See - think of a situation where you're asked to make a document and need to provide a formula (contains roots, fractions, and so one). Guess what - you can't - you must use pure text format (like when you have to provide a formula in a forum that doesn't support LaTeX).
And why is that - Because the old good Microsoft does not include a formula editor in their suite (how stupid is that when you want to have a separate sheet in Excel to show the formulas being used).
So yes - you don't need to spend time learning how to represent a formula in a graphic way, because you can't.
But - for home - you can of course buy this as a extra app (in a business, you may not have the options to install anything other apps than what that partcular company decide).

If using Open Office or Libre Office, there is a formula editor included. It works similar to LaTeX.

Hope this helps 😎
Even Insert -> Equation? This is what I see on 365, and there's even someting labeled "Latex", but it's been 35+ years I have played with Latex...
You still may be correct, I don't know if that is what most home users have access to (Linux user here . . . ). Where I work, we have the "professional/corporate edition" (not sure how that translates correctly) and I cannot insert formulas unless I (that is my company) pay some extras for this feature.