Question Others can't see me on network but I can see them ?


May 12, 2004
I have an odd problem that's the opposite of everything I find when searching for the answer online:

I have a small home network (a primary desktop Win11 PC, an older backup Win10 PC and a Win10 tablet. I can see the Win10 computers on my Win11 network, but they can't see me. 😕

I've gone thru my Win11 network settings and everything appears to be in order: I don't think Windows10 computers simply can't see Win11 computers. That would be dumb.

My network is up & functioning, and I am Sharing 8 different drives and/or folders. The other computers are connected to the network over WiFi.

I actually CAN access my Win11 computer from my Win10 PCs by "cheating"... I put a shortcut on each PC referencing remote drives by name with full network path. This permits me to manually copy/view files between computers, but not run apps or access them from other programs.

I'm guessing this is some sort of "firewall" issue, but I don't know what to change. I don't want to make my computer vulnerable just so it appears on the network.

Any ideas? TIA