[SOLVED] Out of ram crashes when there is ram avalible, RYZEN.

Jan 30, 2021
Guys, I just got a new kit CRUCIAL Ballistix 16gb 2x8 BL2K8G32C16U4R, B450m AORUS ELITE, with RYZEN 5 2600, RX 570, CX 550.

Noticed my system faces issues when at high RAM usage. when I open rendering softwares, tabs in chrome, i see in task manager an usage os 8 to 10gb ram(1gb ram for windows virtualization), my system crashes! all my tabs in chrome turns white with "out of ram error" . WINDOWS get my SSD memory as ram memory everytime i use more than 8gb ram!

here you can see the moment the system crashes at 10gb usage! i have 16gb!

View: https://imgur.com/Seeiw38

View: https://imgur.com/bT45yX5

View: https://imgur.com/1agezYJ

View: https://imgur.com/suEk95T

this is very frustrating.

system boots with 1 stick at time, they seem to be working well. can't test new ram stick. how can i know if CPU, RAM or MOBA is guilty?

edit : tried to swap sticks positions, no success. both sticks in dual chanel, as moba manual says 2 and 4 slots.
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