Outdated bios?


Feb 16, 2009

i think my bios are outdated?
i just got my new amd phenom II 965 and its not working properly, in system properties it says my new quadcore only has 800mhz, i have a screenshot of it


my motherboard is a "pure crossfireX 790GX" it says on the box it supports amd phenom and am3, i cant find any bios updates on amd's drivers and download page.

any help is appreciated.
It seems the Windows System Properties is unreliable in providing this information at least I to have had these false readings even when other applications gave the right numbers.. I also get 800mhz sometimes when it's clearly running at full potential... download CPUID CPU-Z for a more accurate reading. If that doesn't clear your doubts, download the AMD OverDrive utility... not necessarily to overclock the processor but to set it up to its potential... then access the BIOS and take notes on the settings the application made, next remove the application IF you don't want it in your system, then check and manually configure the BIOS according to your notes.