Question outlook 2010 no send button + can't connect to gmail? HELP!


Sep 23, 2015
i have a client with Outlook Pro 2010 that has no huge "send" button any longer.

when trying to send/receive on the smaller icon, i get this THIS WINDOW POPUP

Tried to create a new account, but it does not connect to their gmail server automatically, or manually.

thanks for any ideas!
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Sep 12, 2020
By default, Outlook 2010 no longer works with Gmail. You should consider upgrading your client to something that is compatible. eM Client works well and users with a free license can add up to two email accounts.

If you're determined to get Outlook 2010 and Gmail working then there is a workaround:

Make sure that IMAP or POP is enabled in Gmail's settings then head over to the Google security settings, enable "2-Step Verification", then generate an "app password". Use that password in Outlook instead of your client's usual Google one.

By the way, the screenshot of the error message refers to the Outlook calendar trying to sync with a server at so this isn't a Google issue. You therefore may want to consider removing that calendar subscription from Outlook.

PS: You'll need to setup the Gmail account in Outlook manually.
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