Question Outlook Email POP local emails to iMAP - need help

Apr 27, 2020
Hi Guys,

I'm having a little issue setting with Outlook and Yahoo email.

So when I initially setup the outlook email on my computer it was setup as a POP server, I have all my emails saved locally on Outlook 2010.

Now, I just got a new PC and installed Outlook 2019. After signing in with my Yahoo email account none of the emails downloaded. I then went to go check my old PC and realized the Outlook 2010 was setup as POP3. Now, I need all these emails from my old PC saved.

After researching online, I can figure out how to Export these emails & folders and upload them back to my Yahoo Server (basically convert my saved emails to IMAP).

Any assist is greatly apprecaited.
One reason not to see old messages is if they were set to be deleted by POP3 client after downloading. Go to your online Yahoo mail, and see whether these messages are still there.

Copy the .PST file from the old PC, and set it up as additional storage on the new PC. Yes, it is clunky, but it is a way to access your old messages.