over clocking my xps 630



Hello to all,

I just got my xps 630 today.

650i motherboard
pentium E8400 3.0 ghz
4g corsair ram @ 800mhz
8800gt 512mb
750 gig hd @ 7200

I called dell tech support to help me up my system performance since the comp came with the nvidia control panel that can help you oc your comp.they were no help. they said i should have spent more on my computer as if 1400 isnt enough. bastads. I know this forum is full of inteligent people. so if someone can give me some good numbers to set my bios, proccessor, ram and videocard. I only have the stock heat sink for my cpu. i just want to squeez out a little more juice out of this comp. Thanks in advance




Apr 21, 2008
I'm pretty sure the Dell Bios is locked. So there is no overclocking at all, save your videocard.

What the Dell rep meant to say was you should have spent less money and built your own.


anyone else use nvidias n tune to change their settings? or do you guys just go straight to the bios?


Jul 8, 2008

Dell BIOS on the 630 and 7'Series XPS lets you overclock. You can get the frontside bus, power, video and such up to respectable numbers. Google how to overclock XPS 630 and or youtube this and you will find plenty of articles and movies that give good information. I am anxiously awaiting my new xps 630. I would have built my own, but liked the 0% financing for 12 months plus free 3 day shipping. I also got them to take 200 off instantly as a returning customer. The sales guy on the phone was super cool about it. He said he would go tell his manager that I was yelling at him, and that he was ruining my day... I priced out the following on various websites, and got within 200 from what Dell was offering, so I figured for the hassle of building, I can just have one done. I would take a look inside and tidy up some wiring that is a bit sloppy. I received the following and feel it was a decent deal:

Intel Q6600 @ 2.4 Ghz
750W PS
4GB Corsair Dominator 800 MHz
(2) 10KRPM 150 GB HD's in RAID 0
(2) 8800 GT 512 MB in SLI
2 DVD/CD ROM....blah's...etc...
So, I feel that I will have a pretty stable platform for now and the future, at a reasonable price. This all came to $2100. I know I could have built for cheaper, but I am lazy...Have fun OC'ing. When I get mine, I will post my specs, but I am going to go for 3GHz, which is pretty good for the Q6600 on stock cooling. At least until I can get a liquid cooling system, then I hear that 3.6 is stable if you get a good chip.