Over clocking the Intel i5-9600 6-core on an ASROCK z390 Phantom Gaming 4?


Aug 23, 2017
Hi all, I just got a new 6-core 8th gen Intel i5 9700K CPU for my ASRock z390 phantom gaming 4 with 16GB ddr4 3000, and 8GB GTX 1070 zotac dual fan/dual 8-pin GPU and a 1tb Samsung 970 Evo SSD as well as to Western digital m. To nvme 500 gigabyte drives all on a 850W Corsair modular PSU. It's already a beast and even water cooled using an all-in-one water cooler (EVGA) that I am very happy with, with a single pump and fan and I'm getting very cool temperatures (like 98F whe son running in 4.6ghz performance mode which is excellent. (I hate using celcius so apologies) I'm curious to see what I can do to overclock it a little bit. The Intel turbo boost is already 4.6 I believe but because of that very cool temps at even this speed I'm assuming I could probably get 5 gigahertz out of this easily, maybe a bit more even but 5GHz would be perfect if achievable and solid with not too much more heat.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what settings I should tinker with when overclocking? I come from an old quad-core haswell gigabyte board and CPU which didn't have near the UEFI settings that my new board has and while the book that came with the board is much more informative than I thought as far as explaining what settings are what, some of them are still above my head a little bit. I don't/won't just start tweaking any old setting and screwing something up to so I'd like to set a baseline profile that I can always revert to (current setup has been on for days andnights100% stable at 4.6Ghz and very acceptable temps (104F is the highest I've seen while gaming, usually it's about 89F or so) so I'd like to push it a bit for fun but carefully too of ciyrse,. Can someone please point me in the right direction as to what I should play with in order to step it up slowly and see what I can achieve with this board and CPU? Any tips or help sore legs would greatly be appreciated :) thank you everyone, FAS

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