Over heating?


Aug 10, 2009
lately my pc has been crashing due to what i think is my graphics card overheating. My graphics cards is the 8800GT. My monitor goes graizy with lots of colored lines but sound still works to an extent. I think it is my graphics card because when it freezes the card becomes VERY hot. I was wondering if there is any known issues about this card type overheating as i have only owned my pc for a year and if there is any ways to fix the cooling in the card without having to buy a new Graphics card. I am using Riva Tuner to increase the speed of my fan and it seems to have helped but to play games i must increase the increase % to 80% and i'm a little worried i may be damaging my graphics card.


Mar 3, 2009

system specs and temps reached please.
You can max out the gpu fan speed. In your case it may be the thing to try. You can also get a PCI slot fan to directly give airflow and remove heat generated from the video card.

You probably have more going on than meets the eye but you can try this to see if it helps.

As chef7734 said, system specs and temps you reached and also idle temps as well...