Overall "Lag" On Computer

Jun 18, 2018
I made another thread but it didnt get any answers so I'll try one more time because I really really am tired of having these issues and if you guys can tell me if I'm the issue/ how to fix it, that would be greatly appreciated.

The Issue:
I know it seems vague and I'm sorry for that but I'm not sure how else to explain it. Whenever I do something loading intense on my computer it starts stuttering (Example: Watching Ninja While Updating Fortnite ). I've had this issue before and it even occurs naturally when talking to my friends on Discord or playing Destiny. It's become common place with almost everything

The issue also causes my to lose frames heavily in a fair amount of my games.

Things I've Tried:
-Cleaning my PC
-Moving it to a different floor (thought the environment wasnt good for it, changed nothing)
-Reinstalled Windows through Fresh Start (both keeping and not keeping personal files)
-Updating all my drivers
-Reinstalling my GPU and CPU drivers
-Disabling my Zone Alarms

Can this be an age issue? My other build desktop had this issue, it was the reason I rebuilt without reusing more then 2 parts (secondary HDDs, PS, Blu Ray Drive, Etc)

My PC Specs:
CPU: Intel Core i7-6700k @ 4GHz
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 980Ti
500GB Sandisk SSD (this has my OS and most of my programs on it (Steam, Chrome, ETC))
3 Western Digital 2TB HDDs
Windows 10
Download hdtunepro (free trial) and run benchmark on 3x2TB hdd's before fiddling with bios settings.
Just dont on ssd.
Also take screenshots of health tab.

Which motherboard do you have?
Just to ensure that 4x sata ports are fully sata 3 not sata 2.
Jun 18, 2018

There was only one HDD with a health tab and it's not even the one used, all others were N/A. The other benchmarks were all like the 2500MB/s ones. No health info

And my Motherboard is an Asus Z170-E, thank you for the reply, I'm sorry if im making it difficult lol I'm really inexperienced in this stuff
That one with non linear dropping line is a bit suspicius. Cause the line should go from max to middle of graph, not jumping, that indicates on fragmentation or issue with hdd.

Download auslogics disk defrag, run full optimize+defrag overnight.

Can you type results of hdd's cause I cannot see it well on phone xD.

Oh and sorry i tought it was sata 3 bit its sata 6 for all.

Try disconencting dvd, the blu ray and see if it changes.

Try to see in bios and check if sata health is enabled. Not sure since im not very well familiar with your motherboard.

Also to add I know basic stuff, I might be on right lead or not.
Jun 18, 2018

Just ran it and both disks were extremely fragmented. That wasnt the issue though as I tried installing a game after it was complete and I'm still lagging just as bad if not worse.

Sure, I will crop them to be easier seen on mobile ( It's just easier then trying to type that all out lol)

Do you mean disconnect it from my motherboard?

How do I check that? I've never messed with BIOS before..