Overclock 700 Cel


Oct 20, 2002
I've overclocked a 700 Mhz CPU to 866Mhz with no problems and could go further but the next adjustment is 105 FSB {none inbetween - CPUCool Program} and the PC locks up.

The bios reports 1050Mhz when rebooted.

I've read posts where 700 Mhz CPU's are overclocked to 1150 Mhz regularly.

There is no voltage adjustment available in the latest bios.

Is there a program that allows CPU voltage or finer FSB adjustment.


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You could modify the pins on your CPU! If your board supports 100MHz bus processors, you could break off a certain pin to get the thing recognized as such. And by bridging or breaking VID pins, you can raise the detected core voltage.

Of course there is a less permanent method, the Lin-Lin adapter. It's a "Tualatin" adapter that also allows you to put Coppermines on non-Coppermine boards. But what's really nice about it is, it allows you to set the VID (Voltage ID) and BSEL (Bus Selector) pins manually by jumper.

The documentation for all these settings may not be provided with it, so here you go!

Lin Lin Adapter Settings

• No Jumpers a1 through b3 :: 1.30V
• a8-a9 :: 1.35V
• a2-a3 :: 1.40V
• a2-a3 a8-a9 :: 1.45V
• a5-a6 :: 1.50V
• a5-a6 a8-a9 :: 1.55V
• a2-a3 a5-a6 :: 1.60V
• a2-a3 a5-a6 a8-a9 :: 1.65V
• b2-b3 :: 1.70V
• a8-a9 b2-b3 :: 1.75V
• a2-a3 b2-b3 :: 1.80V
• a2-a3 a8-a9 b2-b3 :: 1.85V
• a4-a5 b2-b3 :: 1.90V
• a8-a9 b2-b3 :: 1.95V
• a2-a3 a5-a6 b2-b3 :: 2.00V
• a2-a3 a5-a6 a8-a9 b2-b3 :: 2.05V
• b5-b6 b8-b9 :: 66MHz
• b8-b9 :: 100MHz
• No Jumpers b4 through b9 :: 133MHz

Now, you'll want to know where to buy one! Compgeeks, they're around $8 last I checked.

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