Question Overclock and BIOS problem

May 23, 2020
Greetings to everyone.I have a problem but I couldn't find the solution.I have Xeon X5450 processor and Asus P5B motherboard.When I overclock my processor (around 3.50 GHz), when I turn on my computer, 1 long 3 short beeps sound. does not cause problems in games or stress tests, but sometimes it does not open and I have to reset the bios.I tried it on 2 different graphics cards and tried changing the rams, I think this is not the problem.I appreciate those who help


Apr 5, 2020
So, a socket 771 cpu in a 775 mobo with mod for it. Sure, it's been one of the best chipsets of its time, capable of many tweaks.
Well, there has never been a real official support by intel for 771-to775 and as long as I know, people use bios microcodes along with the mechanical 4-cuts-thing mod to customize the overall system in the proper way. And a part of the people going this way still 've been complaining sometimes about unusual issues while using the 771+775-combos.
Maybe you need to see about if there is a more proper bios microcode, I don't know what exactly you used to mod the system.
Maybe you need the latest possible bios version, and after it to inject the proper bios microcode by cpu-z/manually, or whatever it is. At least this is what comes to my mind.

In fact, I had something similar, though easier previos month and what I did was to set in bios latencies to higher values, with things working on 6-6-6-18 normally, I also did put the sticks one-by one with some restarts with changing the ram orders - one stick just wanted to be closer to the cpu somehow. But I am just with a 775-cpu & ram & cpu are not overclocked, just stock.

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