Overclock Gone Horrible wrong :( Help Needed


May 15, 2008
I got a question. Today I was fulling around with over clocking my CPU. its a 5000+ Black Edition and I managed to get it stable to 3.1ghz ran Prime 95 24 hrs on it with no problems. But I then decided to see if I could get it stable to 3.2ghz so downloaded AMD Over drive and over clocked it with over drive to 3.2ghz and my PC restarted then came back up. So I decided (Since I was running Stock Voltage to try upping the voltage a little. It was set at the stock 1.32/1.33 so I upped it to 1.34 will it seem to run pretty will for a few hours then suddenly Prime 95 flipped out on me and started saying hardware error and just acting funny. So i decided to Clock it down to 3.1ghz where it was stable. Will when did and changed the voltage back to stock it didn't change on processor CPU-Z shows it still running 1.34 volts and So does motherboard. So I tried to ignore it thinking maybe a sensor issue or glitch but it seems like my PC is still extremely unstable. So I returned it back to stock speed. its still extremely unstable at stock speed and shows the 1.34volt vecore ever thought the motherboard is set to 1.32. I have also noticed it will spike to 1.36 volts. The only way I have gotten everything stable was to under clock processor down to 2.1ghz and Vcore of 1.21 volts. My question is does this sound like a fryed processor or have I missed something?

So far I have tried reseting the BIOS, Clearing CMOS, Updating the BIOS, Uninstalled Overdrive, and Reinstalled Windows XP.

If it does need a new processor I am currently looking at
seems to be the about the best thing i can get for my extremely limited budget of 70 dollars yes I know its a little over :p

I do want to say I am extremely sorry about my spelling :( Normal i spell check these post with word first.



Dec 12, 2007
from what you have done you certinly havent fried your cpu. you know when its fried when it wont boot or you get a cpu boot error from bios. but i dont know how to fix ure problem lol.