Overclock help. Q6600 DFI lanparty DK


Aug 3, 2008
Hi, Im working at overclocking to 3.2 and I have been adjusting my cpu vid special. http://www.overclock.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=66210&d=1203298992

this is the only voltage setting that I have been trying to adjust and each time i go up some the prime95 goes longer, last attempt was almost 6hours before it crashed. My max temp was 48C so im not too concerned with upping the volts a bit more.

Big question is. Am I adjusting the right voltage setting? Should I be changing more settings? my dram is set at 333/800 but i notice that when i launch the dram is like 850. I am prime95 testing right now at +50. and according to my cpu id during the test my core voltage is 1.312

thanks for the help


Feb 9, 2008
How odd, is that just what your board calls the voltage control for the CPU? I dislike it very much when they decide its time to re name something.

if it's just VCore, then you can crank it up a decent amount, and like you said, the heat is fine, so no worries.

You wanna pass at least 8 hours of small ffts, and 8 hours of blend.

As far as your memory speed goes, it depends on the memory divider you are using. Since you didnt mention the memory type and speed, its tough to tell! But most people run the memory in sync with the FSB, like you should!

And then, how about taking a peek at your processors VID with core temp, or real temp? That will tell you your starting voltage, so you will know just how much you are over it, or whatever. VID is good!

Once you know the VID, you can see just how much voltage you'll need!



Aug 3, 2008
My ram is DDR2(800)

I just had a successfull overclock to 3.2 here is my results....

Im posting new results for 3.2GHZ. it took some doing but I finally primed for about 14hours with max temps of only 51C.


Freq : 3197.69 MHz (355.3 * 9)
Core Voltage: 1.344 **Overclocked the CPU vid special add to +50.0mV http://www.overclock.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=66210&d=1203298992
Motherboard: DFI Lanparty DK P35-T2RS
Case: Antec 1200
Cooler: Zalman 9700
Maxtemp: prime95 14hours 51C


May 31, 2004
What's your RAM 710.6 (1:1)?

It doesn't really make that much difference, but if you're bored why don't you try:
CPU 400 x 8 = 3200
RAM 400 x 2 = 800 (1:1)

Unless of course, you are planning on going higher, then just raise the FSB.

I've got mine set to 3.2/800 and Vcore on auto. Idle CPUZ of 1.152V (C1E enabled) and Prime95 of 1.264V.