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Question Overclock Intel I7 6700K


Jun 7, 2014
I'm trying to overclock this Intel I7 6700K CPU on an MSI Z170A Krait Gaming X3 motherboard, with 16 GB DDR4, liquid cooling, proceeding in this way.

I am increasing the cpu ratio and the vcore, leaving the RAM below the original frequency to exclude them from the test result (after I do a final test by setting the XMP profile).

The only thing I would try more is the deactivation of the settings that make dynamic frequency and voltage and the energy saving settings (but it is only a test, because in the final test I will have to activate them as they interest me).

I would like to ask you these questions:

1. Which Stress Test do you recommend to use to test the stability for the overuse in dailyuse of this CPU?

2. In addition to the CPU Ratio and Vcore, can you change other settings to try to overcome instability during the stress test? (for example the other voltages all n cars, or other bios settings)

es. If at 100x46@1.32v it is stable and at 100x47@1.32v it is unstable, can I just try to increase the vcore?

3. In the event of instability, can increasing BCLK and decreasing CPU multiplier help, get worse, or is it the same?

4. Core Override CPU okay as a vcore mode?

5. Does the Ring Frequency leave it in default which is around 4100 or decreasing it can affect the stability?
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Sep 9, 2019
1 - i used intelBurnTest, and aida64 to stress test my cpu i have the same cpu btw.
2- Yes u can but try to stay below 1.4Volts for daily use, but first thing i would try is to play with load line calibration also known as LLC
but dont go crazy over it too, every mobo manufacturer call these LLC values different for example my board is from Gigabyte and i have values Auto, Normal, High,Extreme..i use "High" setting, if i go below that it gets unstable and i have to increase the Vcore.. what i am trying to say is try to play with LLC first before increasing Vcore and lets say theres 3 options of LLC lets say its different like Profile 1, Prof.2 and 3 so pick the Second one, never go straight to last one dont even use it. just try to use bit higher then stock.. something in the middle.. sorry i really tried to explain this best i can with my english.

for the rest i dont know sorry.. i am not a Pro i just recommended what i know and works for me :)