Overclock Phenom II 940


Dec 6, 2007
I have the following setup:

Asus M4A79 Delux, AMD Phenom II 940 cooled with Coolermaster H50 (Exhaust Radiator Exhaust setup), 4 Gigabytes of Corsair Dominator 1066, Coolermaster 650 watt Power supply ,Thermeltake Shark Case, XFX 5870, WD Raptor, Seagate Baracuda, Windows 7 Pro 64bit.
All have the latest drivers and board is running latest BIOS.

and am a complete noob to overclocking and would like it if someone could walk me through the process :)

Id like to hit the speed of the 965 (3.4Ghz)

Google search "overclock AMD guide". Without quotes. If you have any specific questions I would be happy to help though. So feel free to find some guides, and ask us any specifics.

Here's a couple to get started:
This one has a good definition of terms:

And some notes:
-Your CPU will overclock like any processor on AM2, AM2+ and AM3 sockets. So don't limit yourself to just looking at guides about the Phenom IIx4 940
-overclock in the bios only
-keep an eye on your temperatures
-test thoroughly for stability
-ignore anything about changing the multiplier because your CPU does not allow this feature
-don't just rely on one guide. find multiple ones and try different things
-don't overvolt past the voltage limit of your cpu (I think it's something like 1.6V)
-Don't forget to test the stability of your ram with memtest86

Good luck ;)