Question overclock r5 1600x ryzenmaster > BIOS


Dec 31, 2011
I want to share with you some experiences about the overclock of a ryzen 5 1600X and the combination of 2 motherboards and 2 RAM that passed through my hands.
  1. asrock ab350m pro 4. Very good mobo with many choices in the bios for what you can imagine .. (it's enough you did not get defective ..: p)
-----> 4.0 ghz - 1.27V (static vcore). - memory(Teamgroup) was set from 2400 (2800-16-16-16). Max temperature 70 C. 😮
I did not believe it at the beginning ... I did not deal with ryzen master, all through the bios.

Then for some weird reason i upgraded to a gigabyte b450m aurus mobo. tried the same configuration but it didnt work.
eg----> multiplier 39 needed at least 1.37V for BIOS to post with an offset -0.030. Ramped up Vsoc. too with no result.
This set up gave me temperature headaches ~~80+.

At the same time though, I switched to gskill aegis 3000 16-18-18. I thought its ok, ram speed changed, so the memory controller needs more voltage to keep the cpu feeded.

Then out of curiocity i downloaded ryzen master and guess what? I was able to overclock my precious 5 1600x to 4ghz with 1.27V!! again 3000mhz ram speed...ohh good old times :)

At this poiont i am certain that something has to do with gigabyte bios and the negative offset configuration they provide.
Is there someone who has similar experiences with gigabyte mobos?

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