Question Overclock Ryzen 2600x with Noctua Nh-15?


Apr 2, 2019

Specs: Ryzen 5 2600x stock cooler
Mobo: B350 tomahawk
GPU: 1070 TI
Ram: 16 gb 3200 cl16
550W PSU

Before i start, i have to say i am forced to OC this Cpu because my motherboard doesnt support PBO and XRF2 so my CPU stays in 3.8-3.9 ghz range without OC, which is a no go for me.

I tried different overclocks, 4 ghz, 4.1 ghz, 4.2 ghz, low/medium/voltage, different tinkering, i think i invested some time in this and i dont seem to get stable results for a stress test.

The problem are temps. If i lower the voltage, my pc goes bye bye and freezes, if i up the voltage during tests the temperature rises and PC is bye bye

Anyway, after closer look with HWMonitor during cinebench/prime95 tests, i concluded that all the components/system : System/chipset/Cpu are each at 60-70 C* when my PC crashes, but Node 0 is always hitting that 100*C ceilling.

My questions:
  1. If i replace stock cooler with Noctua NH15, will i be able to cool the damn system when i OC the CPU and maybe reach 4.2 ghz/ at least a stable 4.1 OC?
  2. Can a high system temperature/ Cpu temperature cause stuttering in games at above 75C constant temperatures? Because i have been getting those a lot lately, micro stutters, not huge but that feeling that something is not right , that something is not smooth as its supposed to be, even at 250-350 fps in CS, and they mostly happen when temps are high (Gpu is preety cool tho, never over 60C even in triple AAA games)
Mar 17, 2020
Hello there,

shame no one answered you. I would be looking forward to seeing someone who knows stuff about this :D
I aswell own an R5 2600x and bought myself this cooler - SilentiumPC Grandis 2. It's half the price of Noctua and does the job well. By enabling the auto OC in BIOS I get stable 4 050MHz clock speed. I am about to try and tinker with it a bit so that I can get that 4,2GHz mark.

To answer your questions:
1. The stock cooler does it's job well but is just not that good for ppl to use it while overclocking. So yes, a nice beefy boy will do the job much better and even quieter. Back to my Grandis cooler - At my clock speed of continual 4 050Mhz at idle I get around 44°C and at load around 51°C while using custom fan curve. Those fans are barely spinning at just above 5V (any lower and the fans won't start turning).

2. Regarding the microstutters, I suggest you use MSI Afterburner with Rivatuner Statistics and enable the on-screen-display where you enable it to show CPU - clocks, temps and usage; and then FPS current and 1% down. Why do I suggest it? If you experience the micro stutter you should immediately look at that OSD and I suppose it's gonna show that your cpu is throttling itself down due to high temperatures. Now, that might not be the case but you won't know that until you take a look at that OSD.


Dec 26, 2012
The NH-D15 may be considered overkill for the 2600X, but you can be sure it'll do whatever you ask from it with that CPU. You've also got a potential upgrade to a 16-core CPU covered with it.

Stutters at higher temperatures may be caused by the CPU adjusting its frequencies. The Windows High Performance or Ryzen power plan may help with this. Another potential cause could be issues with power delivery as leakage current increases.

For now I suggest you keep it stock until you get a better cooler. Ryzen CPUs are generally smart enough to figure out what's good for them and what isn't on stock cooling.
Mar 17, 2020
After a while of tinkering with the BIOS this is the result

Stable 4 200MHz boost @ 1,425V.
At load - 4 200MHz @cca 1,38V, 80-90A, 126W
At idle - 4 200MHz @cca 1,42V 20A, 30W

I haven't fully stress tested the system yet. I have however done multiple Cinebench runs when changing different BIOS settings. Some of those runs resulted in a crash.

What can be seen here is that there is a drop of voltage when under load. This can be dealt with by adjusting the llc (load line calibration) which basically monitors the Voltage drops and quickly sets it up again. From what I have gathered a high setting of this (high calibration/correction rate) might actually over correct the Voltage drop spiking up to dangerous levels such as 1,8V. So I have decided to let it be at auto (which is about 50%).

Cinebench R15 result: 1 377 points
Cinebench R20 result: 3 124 points
idle temp 43°C, load temp max 73°C (I haven´t touched my quiet oriented fan curve)

R5 2600x
MSI B450 gaming pro carbon WIFI AC
2x8GB @3200MHz cl16 (HyperX Predator - not overclockable, it has "hynix?" modules instead of Samsung)
EVGA 1060 6GB ssc
PSU: Corsair cx650M

From an overclocking guide for this board I have found out that it should handle max of around 110A. So there is still some head room. However, as I intend to use this system 24/7 I´ll just stop right here. :D
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