Overclock Specs For intel-e2180 cpu/msi p43 neo3-f mobo


Feb 21, 2009
So i am kind of a noob to the diy computer. I was just wondering if anyone has any success with an overclock on the intel e2180 cpu and msi p43 neo3-f mobo combination? Some specs on my comp-intel pentium e2180 cpu, 4gb pc2-6400 800mhz ram,bfg nvidia geforce 9400gt (not sure of specs besides 512mb mem at this time, 250gb sata 7500rpm hdd (mfr unknown), 1 sata dvd write/lightscribe drive, 22" westwood lcd monitor, rear 120mm fan (soon to also add 1200mm fan to front), orig. cpu heatsink (buddy told me that if i want to overclock this setup i would need new heatsink???), thermaltake soprano rs case, dynex400w psu... Any information would be helpful. Especially the information that will help me to not burn up machine!! Thanks.
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If you have the stock heatsink, you might want to upgrade to a better heatsink for better cooling.

Top 5 heatsinks:



Top 5 Low Profile Heatsinks on Frostytech


By the way, that PSU is trash. Get a better one.
Like Corsair 520W.


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Dec 3, 2007
This thread helped me OC my 2180 (when I had it) to 3.25 GHz on my MSI P35 Neo2:


Also you should register on the MSI site--their forums were very helpful. You should be able to find the P45 equivalent of this thread: http://www.msicomputer.com/msiforms2/maxp35.asp

And BTW, I have this PSU, and it was highly rated in multiple reviews. I of course paid double for it though: http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0260161 It is a steal at this price. Now you have no excuse not to have a solid PSU.

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Feb 21, 2009
SWEET!! Thanks for the great information everyone. Still need to adjust some things before i think about overclocking. So here i am with some more inquiries regarding my current setup. Sorry if these questions and the information is somewhat redundant. But hey, with all of you experienced forum readers i should graduate from pc NOOB status in no time!! (or at least be a senior NOOB right...?)

I know i still need to replace the psu and possibly some other parts from the list below before i try to attempt overclocking this current setup. The main things I need are some suggestions to keep the heat down. 5 fans including CPU fan and im still running hot or at least think so. With bone stock BIOS settings and 1st boot of the day it will read 98-100F/37-37C. Is that too hot? The ambient/room temp is 68-75F/20-24C. The CPU cooler is the stock hs/f combo from HP Pavilion S3600F w/new thermal compound. Other fans are; 2x 80mm fans on clear side of case both on highes settings with the top one almost directly above the cpu mounted for exhaust and the other directly below it/intake, 1x 120mm fan on rear/exhaust, and 1x 120mm fan on front/intake. My cpu fan runs 100%speed, 100% of the time. In other words, annoying as hell. So i have done some "window" shopping/homework on some new hs/f combos and read some reviews only to still be indecisive. My options, that i know of, for computer part stores locally are either Best Buy or Microcenter. I would shop online but i like to see it with my own eyes/touch with my own hands before i buy. So before i head to my nearest Microcenter or, yikes, best buy for the psu i was hoping for any suggestions from the forum readers on a tried and true hs/f combo to get at the same time? Im looking for one that will keep this cpu cool but will also allow me the capability to beef up the cpu at a later time and keep that one cool with out replacing the hs/f combo again. Thanks.

Some background info on my build experience:
***This is my first system build and lets just say during this build i have beginner pc building down. Meaning i know how the to put it all together and basic component compatibility. Most BIOS settings are kind of over my head. I started with a bone stock HP Pavilion Slimline S3600F from best buy. This was a fine economic system for running basic programs and sims2 with low settings until i wanted to upgrade for gaming. Being a NOOB i figured adding a new graphics card and some memory i would be fine.... HAHAHAHA!! Yes im laughing with you. The nightmare and learning process begins... Installed the graphics card listed below... Find out the hard way you need to match or exceed power requirements. Doh!! So i start looking for an upgrade psu for the slimline case that met the 300w power requirements... Again I am laughing with you. Not to mention the 24 pin connector on the slimline motherboard was some kind of shrunken mini version that had no conversion adapter. Long story short i was told by an employee of Microcenter that i needed to update to a larger case and motherboard to have the upgrade capabilities i wanted. (NEVER AGAIN ON THE MINI CASE!! LESSON LEARNED!!!) So keep in mind that, yes i did go cheap on some of the parts. I did so on purpose so if i did something wrong it would not cost me an arm + leg to replace the ruined components and also to get a little more hands on experience with custom pc builds. But i just have a feeling that i will be upgrading/building my computers from now on. Especially since i see how much money i could have saved in the beginning. So eventually i will upgrade and was wondering what sub par components are going to need to be replaced first in the near future. The most stress i put on the system is some 3d gaming (Fallout3 is currently the most taxing) but i dont max it out nor do i play online games or run system taxing programs. I was told that my mobo is halfway decent until the next CPU socket design but i cant find many useful reviews?????***

Current system specs:
-Case= Thermaltake Black Widow Soprano RS, Part#VG7000BWS
-Motherboard= MSI P43Neo3-F, Part#MS-7514
Northbridge= Intel P45/P43 revision A3
Southbridge= Intel 82801JR (ICH10R) revision A3
-CPU= Pentium E2180 Core 2 Duo @2.0GHz 800MHz FSB ( transfered from HP Slimline S3600F with stock hs/f combo)
-RAM= 2x PNY Optima 2GB PC2-6400 800MHz DDR2 (4GB Total), Part#MD4096KD2-800
-GPU= BFG Nvidia GeForce 9400GT, 512MB DDR2, #BFGR94512GTE
-HS/F= (stock that came in HP Slimline S3600F)
-PSU= Dynex ATX 400watt, Part#DX-400WPS
HDD#1=(internal 3.5") Samsung W/OS. 250GB, Part#HD251HJ
HDD#2=(internal 3.5") Seagate Baracuda. 80GB, Part#ST380011A
HDD#3(external USB)= Maxtor. 250GB, (back up & media storage) Part#ST9250827AS
CD/DVD-RW=LG Electronics/Lightscribe capable, Part#HL-DT-ST DVD-Ram GH10L
-Monitor= Westinghouse L1920NW 18.5", 1366x768 resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio
2x Antec TriCool 3.125" (80mm) 34cfm@2600rpmMAX (mounted at side. Top fan set to high/exhaust.
Bottom fan set to high/intake), Part#(unknown)
1x Dynex Case Fan 4.7" (120mm) 73cfm@2200rpm +/-10% (mounted at front. Non-adjustable speed.
Set for intake), Part#DX-HF120M
1X Thermaltake Case Fan 4.7" (120mm) 78cfm@2000rpm (mounted at rear. Non-adjustable speed.
Set for exhaust), Part#A2368
1x (stock w/pavilion) CPU heat sink/fan combo, Part#AUC812D (MFR. unknown)
-Operating System= Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit SP1
-Games Currently Playing= Fallout3, Sims2 (with various expansion packs), Heros of Might and Magic V, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, and a bunch of other outdated games.
***(is there more information i need to include when i post up my system specs?)***

Again thanks for the fast responses and very helpful information.