Overclock Stability Issues


Jan 23, 2009
I am useing a AMD 5000 X2 non BE and its at 3.2ghz with the cpu freq. at 246. the CPU voltage is set to 1.375v. RAM is rated at 400mhz and its set to 333 and the cpu oc brought it to 400.1mhz. the timings are set for the RAM that CPUz had listed for 400mhz. its 6-6-6-18-24. not the greatest RAM. the hyper transport is set to 600mhz and reads 720mhz in cpuz. I run orthos small ffts or whatever its called and fail a min or two into it. mabey the RAM is holding me back. im useing kingston valu RAM. my board is an ECS GF8200A. any sugestions. im trying 3.1Ghz now with 1.35v on the cpu to see if i get stable.


Sep 12, 2008
Try reducing the multiplier so the clock speed is at at stock to see if your CPU can cope with 400MHz FSB.

If this is fine, then try increasing the vCore. Not sure if the 500 X2's are that great overclockers tho, might be the simple case that you can't get it that high. I dont know I am bot an AMD expert