Question overclock stable but stuttering in games

Feb 15, 2019
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hey guys i realy need your help 1 month i have this ---- problem and its realy anyoing i will try my best cause my english terrible aright i overclock my cpu i7 8700k (delided) to 5ghz 1.280 voltage stable on prime/cinebench my motherboard is asus maximus xi hero i playing on cs go and this is cpu heavy game when i play i only get from cpu 10% usage when before the problem start i get 50 60% usage every time and my fps stuck on 287 when i cap my fps to 300! so i change my overclock to stock and i get better fps on stock! like before the problem is start when i cap to 300 (overclock) fps i get always 299 fps its down but always back to 299 and now its stuck every --------- time on 287 and i feel alot of stuttering anyway im pro player and i realy need your help its waste my time 1 month i try to do everything install new windows update bios change voltage change llc change every ------- thing i have a little experience on overclock but i realy dont know what to do i try everything anyway realy good temp on prime 50/60 temp%

i7 8700k
asus maximus xi hero
gtx 1060

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