[SOLVED] Overclock Sustainable on ASRock B450M Steel Legend

Jun 23, 2018
I am looking to buy a motherboard specifically the ASRock B450M Steel Legend. Would a moderate overclock on a Ryzen 5 1600 be sustainable on this MB? I saw reviews that the Vrms run hot, should I just go with another mb?
Newegg and some youtube videos.
SM4336 and SM4337 MOSFET's... TjMax 150C...

I wouldn't worry about temps too much even if it gets as hot as TechYes city got it.

That said, that plastic shroud hides that those blocks of aluminum aren't very well finned. Way sad that Asrock went backwards there.

Gamer's never work their CPU's hard enough on all cores to get it hot enough, but if you want your 2700 to run an all-core overclock at 4.2Ghz for an all-night rendering do as he says and put a 50-70cm fan on it. But with TjMax of 150C I would not worry with temps 80-95C-- so if that's as hot as it ever got I'd not feel a need for a fan.

Oh, and for God sake take that silly plastic shroud off! that alone will probably drop 10C.

Sad to see Asrock going backwards, but it's still got one of the better VRM's... which is just a commentary on how bad the love is for mATX.
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