Overclock won't stick


Feb 3, 2016
So far a long time I have had my motherboard and 6850 K overclocked to 4. 2 gigahertz with the ram running at 3200 megahertz, I have had no issues and windows would show the overclock. the other day I had a Windows update in a few things happened that I would call A Perfect Storm. now whenever I try to overclocked the system it allows me to do it within the BIOS but it does not save the 4. 2 gigahertz overclock, and I am fully sure that the chip does that without any issues because I have been running it like that for a long time
Cpuz now shows a 38x multiplier and the chip runs at 3.8ghz on it's own and the task manager shows 3.6 GHz

I have no clue what to do, I have reset the BIOS to factory, change the CMOS battery, used a screwdriver and touched the pins to reset to stock and all that goes smoothly, but when I go back in and go to XMP and set a 42 multiplier hit f10 and boot, it just doesn't stay. If I log back into the BIOS it shows its target goal of 4.2 but in ezmode it only shows 3.4 the base speed with 2133 on the ram

I can't for the life of me figure out why this happened. The board has been running a solid 4.2 for over a year now
I reloaded windows last night and tried a few other things, anyone have any clue why this may have happened?

Corsair dominator 3200
X99 Strix
I7 6850k
960evo nvme
500gb Samsung pro
Pny 480gb
Ekwb full loop 360 rad
Gtx 1070 fe