Overclock Worth It Just Yet?

Intel P4 2.6C
1x512mb Kingmax TBGA DDR400
Albatron PX865PE Pro

In a month or so im going to buy 2 new sticks of 512mb Kingmax TBGA DDR466 to overclock my 2.6c to ~3.0ghz (and run memory in sync), but untill i can get them, im wondering - Is it worth it (performance wise) to overclock the cpu and run the memory below 400mhz (i have to use the 4:3 or "DDR333" ratio and run the memory around ~370mhz) - would the performance drop if i did? or would the extra clock speed help reguardless of memory bandwidth?


Bothe scale about the same, so a 7.5% drop in memory will be ofset by a 7.5% OC, then you will see a gain of about 8% in cpu performance, because your overall oc will be a bit over 15%. Nothing massive, but in some progs,it will help .
For gaming, probably only about 1 or 2 extra frames per hundred.