News Overclock Your Radeon RX 5500 XT To 2.1 GHz On Air With This Tool


Power play tables have been a fun thing to tinker with with AMD cards. Vega was the first i remember that could take advantage of it.

Heck, bios flashing is pretty fun with AMD too. You can turn a RX5700 into a 5700xt with a bios flash in like 15-30 minutes. Or turn a Vega 56 into 64. Or turn RX470 into RX570. Luck varies often tho.

I remember someone at AMD told a YouTuber (Steve from GN perhaps) that you would need to learn new tricks to overclock past default restrictions on the new NAVI cards. Doesn't seem so now that you can tune power taples, just like existing VEGA cards.
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