Overclocked 6320 at 55 degrees


Jul 24, 2008
Ok I have read through the various guides and other similar posts and was hoping for a bit of assistance.

Temp at Idle 50 degrees C
Temp at load 55 degrees C
Case 33 deg C
Vcore is at 1.32 V
my 6320 is OC'd to 2.81 Ghz

I have a Big Typhoon on the CPU

My case is decent with two 120 mm intake fans one 120 outtake on the PS and another 120 mm out the back as well as a 80 MM intake above the CPU.

I have an 8800 GTS with a dedicated exhaust as well as 4 320 GB Seagate drives.

One issue is that may be adding to the ambient temp is that the PC is under a large wooden Desk that seems to capture heat. But even at a cold start, the case temp is at 27 C and the CPU at idle is at 48 C.

I know the Big Typhoon should be handling this better. I also used silver fox(?) thermal stuff that came with the big typhoon.

Let me know if I am missing something simple here.




Aug 16, 2007
Take off side panel to see if temps drop, if they do you need better airflow.
Reseat your heatsink, buy and apply Artic silver 5 thermal paste according to instructions.