[SOLVED] Overclocked and pc worked fine for a day and a half then started crashing repeatedly.

Nov 15, 2018
I overclocked my gtx 1070 using MSI Afterburner by following a tutorial and increasing by increments. My changes seemed stable and so I saved them and went about playing games as I normally did. I got on my pc the next day after having already played games that same day and it kept crashing while trying to watch youtube. I got three separate crash reports that kept repeating and I unoverclocked the GPU and they keep happening.



and SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED What failed: bcmwl63a.sys

If any of you have any answers I would appreciate it very much.

Edit: I have narrowed it down to when I use youtube on google chrome, no idea why but it doesn't happen anywhere else.


chrome works by using your GPU to render it and accelerate it.
Make sure chrome is up to date maybe?
If you can run through benchmarks and stress tests on your GPU without issue, then it's a google chrome thing.

Try restarting PC.
if that doesn't work and if chrome is already updated to latest version, then try completely uninstalling it and re installing it then restarting PC.

If that further doesn't work, could be something else, but either way, I would recommend you ditch chrome for a real web browser that actually works and use Firefox in the meantime just so you don't get crashes while we try to figure this out.

Should go through your system and make sure absolutely all of your drivers are up to date for all of your system hardware.
Especially the network adapter drivers... make sure they are the latest from motherboard manufacturer.