Overclocked i7 920 TEMP ?


Jan 7, 2009
On stock clocks I can hit that using Intel Linpack...
That thing will show you what true heat is.
(Intel Burn Test and OCCT both use Linpack, a program desgined by Intel, which the use for stability testing).

At 4GHz I hit over 80C using Intel Burn Test... (at low fan speed though, I think I'd rather burn my CPU than hear these monstrous fans. Scythe's are nice and quite... but when you have 5 case fans, 2 GPU fans, a PSU fan, and a HSF... it gets VERY loud).
At the monent I'm idling (well web browsing) at stock clock/voltage at 31/29/35/29 (core 1/2/3/4 respectively. For some reason, core 3 is already a few degees hotter. Monitored with HW monitor).

With a 2GB 8 thread 64 bit Linpack, using a CoolerMaster V8 at a low fan speed, I'm hitting 59/57/60/57 (each core respectively). Remember this is stock clocks and voltage. (because I flashed my bios and haven't bothered reseting my OC).

To get those load temps you either:
a) have some godly chip with an amazingly high stability at low voltages
b) are using a faulty detection program
c) aren't stressing it enough (a benchmark will stress it more than a game, and Linpack will make it melt)
d) are using a decent liquid cooling setup