Question overclocked my monitor higher than the 75 limit and my pc shows blackscreen with MODE NOT SUPPORTED ehile booting up

Jul 22, 2019
alright , so i was messing around with overclocking my monitor,and my hz limit was 75 on nvidia ,and i wanted more. So i downloaded a program called custom resolution utility,and i have putten my hz limit to 80 . And i forgot to click the restart.exe that was in the file ,so i just restarted my windows regullary ,and when it was booting up it said MODE NOT SUPPORTED .then i tried again and again and it didnt work, i tried removing the graphics card(that previously worked really good as it should be) and just run my pc on on my integrated cpu card ,and it worked,then i though that i should mind as well put hz of my monitor
to 60(to be safe)and then ive putten my graphics card back and it didnt work,any solution ? i have gt 1030
intel pentium g4560
8gb ram
and asus H110M-R

sorry for my english ,cus its not my main language
uninstall that custom resolution utility, it won't help you get more out of a monitor, just stick to using nvidia control panel.

As for you GPU, if its not displaying anything, check if there is video coming from your CPU.