News Overclocker Takes DDR5 to 9058 MHz on Ryzen 7000 With Latest Firmware

usualy higher clocks supported means lower bandwith then previous agesa at same clock as something had to be loosened up...saw that few times on AM4, first bios releases had almost 95% bandwith efficiency vs later upgrades lowering it by quite a bit


Oct 12, 2022
Unless there is a tangible system performance gain by running the more expensive higher frequency DRAM most users will be better served using a 1:1 UCLK:MEMCLK ratio at 6400 MHz.


Jun 19, 2020
An overclocker has pushed one of his DDR5 kits to over 9000MHz on an AMD AM5 system, thanks to the new memory capabilities afforded by the new AGESA microcode update.

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Me, I mostly bought a 5800X3D, because its V-cache eased my "pain" of ECC modules not going beyond DDR4-3200 and 22 timings.

And with billiong bits (128GB) the chances of a flip seemed to get too big on a 24x7 system without ECC.

The total inability to overclock anything on that platform, gave me a strange peace of mind and a rock stable platform.