Overclocking 101 for my dual core AMD


Oct 19, 2009
I am using a dual-core 5200 AMD processor and upon checking its specs it seems its MHZ , i mean ghz is on 2.5 now I was wondering of OC'ing it to 3GHZ.

now I don't want to do any cooling system for this processor I just want to know what is the threshold of this CPU for overclocking without the screen on turning black..

now, is there a way to do this safely? I mean what if the screen turn black (black screen of death) how can I reset the overclocking?

I am doing this via CMOS. btw.



Sep 10, 2009
There are several over clocking guides on the net, which will get you started. Come back here when you have a few more specific problems. I have no idea if you will hit 3ghz while maintaining good temps on stock cooling, but you can try. If your overclock goes bad and your PC won't post then you reset the CMOS (on my mobo you remove the battery and move a jumper cap for a few seconds, but read your mobo manual first). Some motherboards automatically reset the CMOS if you screw up, but it's good to know how to do it manually anyways.

As for doing it safely, it is very hard to fry a modern processor, as long as you watch temps closely, and don't get over-ambitious with voltages you will be fine. You will get several warning signs if your pushing it a bit far, most notably temperatures exceeding safe limits, which will most likely cause your PC to become unstable anyways. The point is you will know if your pushing it to far :p