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Question overclocking 1660 Ti OC Strix


Jun 30, 2018
Hey guys.
Can anyone tell me what is the safe overclock on memory of this card?
I did some research someone did OC + 500 MHz someone even +1000,average +650 MHz to be stable.
So how much should I put for a start on memory OC?
Should I use AB or Asus GPU Tweak II?
I think for me even few frames on OC would mean a lot since in Rise of the Tomb Raider FPS goes as minimum as 40 fps.
And if I OC the card and save settings is it safe to use that profile permanently without possiblity to damage the card?
Every card and piece of silicone is different.
Download OCCT and run the GPU test with error checking on.
Raise memory 100mhz and test. if good and no artifacts or errors raise it another 100mhz and test.
Once yo get artifacts, errors, or a crash drop speed 50mhz and run a long test. Several hours is best to make sure higher temps don't cause errors.
As long as voltages and temps are good you can run overclocked for years without problems.


Mar 14, 2005
I watched a few videos before overclocking my Zotac gaming1660 ti using AB. Everyone just pushed the memory clock to 1000 to start with. I did that and the card crashed after a couple of seconds. It turned out I had to increase the core voltage by +50 also. Once I did that I was able to push the memory to the full +1500 without issue so keep that in mind during your overclocking attempt.