Overclocking 2600+ Barton


Apr 13, 2004
Ok so im going with an AMD 2600+ Barton with Asus A7V600 board which is capable of 400 mhz fsb (200mhz). the 2600+ fsb is 166 i beleive (333 with Quantispeed). The mem im going with is OCZ PC3200 DDR400 256MB Premier Series. Now its telling me the timings are 2.5-3-3-7. From what I know its fsb/2.5X3X3 but whats the 7 for?. In this situation I am gonna bump the fsb to 200mhz so its in sync with my mem frequency. so basically the mem timing should stay the same right cause im only affecting the cpu when upping the fsb (the mem is made to run at 200mhz the cpu at 166) now if I want to go further than 200 do I need to make any changed to the mem timing at all and the mem voltages. I know with cpu I will slightly but not to sure about the mem. From what I know when you up the fsb 200+ the mem freq speeds up also.


Feb 7, 2003
The 2.5 is the CAS latency. The 3 is the RAS to CAS Delay. The second 3 is RAS precharge. The 7 is the Cycle time. When you overclock your memory past 200 FSB, you will probably have to (loosen) those timings. The memory will not be able to operate at those frequencies with those settings, if that is what the memory is rated for. I have Corsair DDR 400, and I am running mine at 2-3-3-6. I was able to run the memory at 412 Mhz with those timings. So I was able to clock the memory higher with the same timing. Only testing will tell the story. If you push your memory past 400, you may have to raise your memory voltage by .1 or so. I forget what my voltage is set at, 2.6 I think. Somebody back me up on this, but I believe you can go to 2.8 without too many problems or concerns. Also, you may want to get some heat spreaders on that memory if you are going to overclock it.

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