Question Overclocking 4790k under performing

Feb 21, 2019
For the last 3 years, I have been running my 4790k stock with the stock cooler, I was getting around 100c while playing games, so was constantly thermal throttling.
Ive now installed a hyper 212 evo, and its nice. I get around 80 with my overclocks, so temperature is no longer an issue.

My overclocks are
46 on all cores on the cpu
41 on the cpu cache ratio speed thing

1.250 voltage for the cpu
1.150 for the cpu cache

windows reports my speed as 4.58 for some reason, makes the results seem slightly more underwhelming but its fine.

Using the passmark software, i get around 10500 for the cpu mark, my cpu is under base line with overclocks!
however my single thread is around 2700, which is higher than baseline ??!

BTW, i think my cpu is stable because i was running at 47 speed with 1.25 for an hour or so playing games, then it blue screened, so i turned voltage up to 1.3 and it blued screened again, so idek whats going on with 47 speed but my cpu doesnt like it, so i dropped it down to 46 with 1.25 and its looking good so far.

I am kind of disapointed though after getting a cooler which would allow me to overclock without hitting the max 100c but im still below baseline, aggh!

Appreciate any help !
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May 28, 2013
AFAIK everythin' sounds pretty much normal. My 4770k does 2610 Single Threaded at 4.51 GHz last time I ran it, so yeah pretty much normal.

It's also normal not to be stable at 4.7 GHz south of 1.35VCore. Guess you lost the CPU lottery.

Going over 4.6 GHz requires Vcin 1.8V and VCore 1.35V+. Your mileage may vary. My 4770k tops out at 4.55 GHz and 1.30V Vcore. Unwilling to go over 1.30V Vcore 24/7 bc of well-documented degradation.

Oh, my CPU mark at 4.51 GHz was 10619. 4770k/4790k CPU mark seems low compared to medern CPU's because of lower core count. Single Threaded Performance is TOP NOTCH though still. I was looking at the Passmark Single Threaded Benchmark page yesterday, and my 4770k performs about then the same with an Intel Core i7-8700 @ 4.6 Ghz (single thread). Pretty awesome for a 6 year old CPU.
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Feb 21, 2019
Run it stock, take screenshot.
Run it overclocked, take screenshot.
Upload both of them to image hosting site and link them here.

Also to note, keep your CPU temps under 80/85*C if overclocked and using it 24/7.
For short duration to Tj. max as testing its fine.
oh no, this bad, this is like way worse than baseline. This is oc btw

edit: here is with stock, this like actually terrbiable like really bad

sorry images blurred, oc is 673, stock is 582. never went over 85c

edit - should i run cinabench in high pority?

here is my cpu z


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