Overclocking 8800GTX


Oct 12, 2007
I got my 8800GTX fairly overclockied 635/1488/2000 , but according to the temps am getting , i feel i could do some more
am like 50 idle .. 61-65 full load after 3 hrs of playing , this thing used to hit 80 on load before cooling ..
is there any way of increasing stability for a video card aside from those worthles PCIe voltage and frequency which i don't understand and have set for 115 without knowing whatever the hell it means.

mr roboto

Oct 22, 2007
I'm in the same boat as you my friend. Except I've got my GTX at 650\1520\2200Mhz and thats as far as she'll go and still be 100% stable. I've got it to 680Mhz on the core and 2200 on the memory leaving the core\shader unlinked because of a lot of artifacts, but it's not too stable. The next step for me is a volt mod. I'm currently researching it. I figure since I already voided my warranty from BFG Tech (after adding a water block), it would be worth it for the extra performance. Heat has not been an issue with my card either.


Apr 23, 2008
I managed to get my 8800 gts 320mb (g80, which is why im posting it, since its similar to the GTX to my understanding) to 660core, 1640shader, and 999 memory. Thats almost as far as I can take this thing before it starts becoming unstable, I backed down a bit to what I have posted to make sure it was completely stable.

Didn't even realize I posted in a necro thread till after I hit post :(