Question Overclocking a 1660Ti for +250Mhz?

Apr 18, 2022
So i own a Gigabyte GTX 1660Ti (Factory OC) and i want to see what it can do more. I've seen plenty of youtube videos overclocking it with +150Mhz core clock and +1000Mhz memory clock but i want to test it out on +250Mhz or even +300Mhz so that the core clock will be at 2200Mhz. I already have an aggressive custom fan curve but will it overheat?


Want to see what more it can do, then test and find out. That's how others got there.
The Gpu Boost algorithm is the main obstacle standing in the way. It has free reign over gpu core clock and can bring down/up frequency the warmer/cooler the core runs as well as how frequently the power limit is run into.
Higher clocks need more voltage, more voltage means more power, more power means more heat to expel.
What are the odds of the core holding 2200mhz except in very light loads? Because if it doesn't hold that in multiple scenarios, then it's not really 2200mhz stable, is it?

There's Gpu-Z, hwinfo, afterburner, etc., you can monitor the core temperature and other parameters and see what it does.
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As @Phaaze88 mentioned the key here is the boost tech in the GPU.

Yes, you can OC your GPU. Is it worth it? More often than not, no, it's not worth it. Typically for each 100mhz increase in core clocks you can expect a roughly 2-5c swing in temps. So if your GPU is at stock, and maybe running at 65c on average, you can expect the OC to increase those temps further to between 65-70c. Not much really. But the more you push it the more heat needs clearing. It's also a lot to do with your exact GPU, and if it's capable of going further.

Test, test and test further as you bump each increment. Any artifacts, and straight away you've gone too far. I'd suggest trying the Overclock Scanner with MSI Afterburner, and so what results it gives you. Then you might have a baseline to work from.

Undervolting your CPU can be as beneficial as an OC. By reducing the voltage, your GPU can boost higher and for longer periods. Food for thought.