May 21, 2004
This is my sys <A HREF="" target="_new">summary</A> as I got from cpuz. I am getting a new mobo - the asus p4c800E-deluxe.

I wanted to know how much I can overclock.
Apart from that summary ->

I have thermalright sp-94 with vantec tornado on the CPU.
4 case fans -> though the case is all open.
My memory is Kingston Value ram, but I have installed heatsinks on all of them.
main system is powered from an antec true550, while fans are powered from a stock old dell PSU.

So how high can I go with the asus?

Are there some guides around specific to that mobo for overclocking help, just like I could find a few for my current MSI through their own forums.
If not where can I find good overcloking guides?

Thanks a lot.

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hehe, you want to get better overclocking by going with the P4C800-E Deluxe? I suggest you read <A HREF="" target="_new">My Review</A> on that board before you get any wild ideas! I don't know if the other review sites got specially chosen boards, but my review is on a retail board and shows a very common problem of voltage fluctuation on the CPU VRM. It even points out a supposed "fix" for the problem...that voids your board warranty. Getting your 3.2 to go very high would require a moderate increase in voltage not tolerated well by this board.

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