overclocking a ga-ep45-ds3l and e2180


May 30, 2008
okay so im tryin to overclock my e2180 using a ga-ep45-ds3l i manage to run 335 frontside bus stable with nothing more then some voltage increase i tinkerd with the boards memory timings and managed to get it to start up at 400mhz but it wont fully load into windows it will either give me the blue screen of death or when it goes to give me my desktop the sound starts to glich and then freezes it does the freezing with the extra voltage and gives me blue screen with memory timings i know my cpu is capale of running at 3.6ghz as it did on my ga-ep35-ds3l and my ram was stable running at 558 on the new board i guess i just really need timings explained to me enless there is something else goin on here by the way im not a noob at this at i have th newest f7 bios