Overclocking a Q6700 with Penryn1600sli-110db MB


May 12, 2009
My set-up is Q6700 Quad core 2.66ghz, on Asrock Penryn1600sli-110db mobo, 4 x 2GB OCZ SLI DDR2 800, Asus V-60 cpu heatsink/fan, twin fans on ram, 230mm side case fan, 120mm bottom fan, 80mm pci fan, 2 exhaust fans, and 1 120mm front fan. Will this keep me cool enough to consider overclocking. SB has Asrock stock heatsink and NB has a larger finned heatsink. Should this be sufficient cooling has anyone got some steady settings that I could use to around 3.2 - 3.4 GHz. Many thanks in advance for any advice given.