Question Overclocking a ryzen 3 1300x on A320M-DGS

May 20, 2019
Hello. So ive heard that if you update the bios on the a320m motherboards, it can now support overclocking, i even saw tech yes city doing an OC on ryzen 5 1400 on a a320 motherboard. So if it really is possible, how much can i OC my r3 1300x on that motherboard(AsRock A320M-DGS). Can i reach 3.7ghz without touching the voltage and will the temps(motherboard) be fine?
Possible, yes. Advisable, No. No one can really tell you how high it will clock. It's a trial and error thing for the most part. However, the A320 even though there might be some bios unlock for the purpose of OC, I wouldn't be pushing any CPU too hard on that mobo. It's not built to OC. It has fewer power phases than even the mid level OC'able mid range mobos (B350/B450). You could easily kill your mobo by pushing higher voltages than the mobo is capable of, along with overheating VRM's causing CPU throttling.

If the bios allows it, you are effectively just changing the multiplier to 37.
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alright thanks for the reply
No probs. IF you were going to do it, then I'd only bump to the 37 multiplier. This would be the same as your max boost clock. If your PC boots again, run HWMon/info, and watch your temps. If the temps get anywhere near 80c, i'd take the OC off and just leave it at stock, or get a B350/B450 mobo to be sure you are okay, and attempt an OC on a mobo that is designed to do it.
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