Feb 13, 2009
well i have got a new i7 build for me and i gave my brother my old rig which is a p4,he is complaining about that it is slow so i wanna overclock it for him

it is a P4 running @1500 MHZ,DO stepping

cpu multiplier:15.0x
cpu fSB:100
memory:RDram pc800(400 MHZ) running at 2.5 volt
motherboard:MSI MS-6385
temperatures:motherboard 45 Celsius degree
cpu:about 55 celsius degree

cpu core voltages:1.65

program used to gather all these information: Everest Home Edition

what i really need to know will it be safe to overclock as it seems that the temperatures are high and if it will be safe how can i overclock it should i increase the multiplier from the bios or what ?

edit:it seems that there won't be anyway to overclock as i ran Prime95 and it reached 76 celsius degree under full load after only 5 minutes of running the stress test


Dec 8, 2008
Intel put out two Pentium 4s - a 423 socket & 478 socket. Depending on which you have, you should look for the appropriate aftermarket heat-sink. This should significantly drop your temperatures, which in turn would allow for more overclocking headroom.
let me guess, you are also going to put a new AGP graphics card in the machine /jk

well, you could try to find an after market cooler, but i don't think it would be worth it, your best bet would be k a slimmed own version of windows XP (using nlite) and going from there