Overclocking an E2220 in a prebuilt PC


May 31, 2009
I would like to Overclock and Intel dual core E2220. The trick is that I want to keep it on the factory mobo, which is a mcp73t-ad i think its nvidia. it in an Acer aspire x1700. This is just kind of a project and I cant really figure out how to do it. I know the obvious answer is to buy a better processor, but like I said this is a project. Thanks for any help.

Also one more quick im not trying to get unreal numbers because of factory heatsink and PSU. Just something like 2.6 or 2.8
1. Your BIOS is probably locked so your OCing options are out as it is an OEM motherboard.

2. Read the C2D/C2Q Overclocking sticky at the top of the Overclocking section.

3. You have an Elitegroup motherboard. They are not the best boards to overclock on any ways. It's also an old chipset (IIRC it should be a 630i?).


Apr 16, 2009
+1. OEM's don't overclock in the BIOS, and ECS's really don't overclock (i have one). You'd need to use a software overclock but I don't think it'll go that far.....